High School Sessions

Individualized Programming for personal Growth and Sports Performance


High School Sessions

Whether your goal is to make your high school’s freshman team, play at the varsity level, prepare for the demands of college athletics, or learn the fundamentals of exercise, our high school athletes have workouts designed by our coaches to help them meet their specific goals. The benefits of our programs go beyond athletics. We foster a community that encourages many of our high school athletes to participate in organizations that give back to the community and emphasize the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

“Since joining Unified in the Summer of 2016 going into my freshman year of high school I’ve learned that it’s more than just a place to lift. The environment that Brendan has created has helped me develop from being timid and quiet to becoming a vocal leader. Through Brendan’s promotion of inclusiveness of people of all ability, I joined Best Buddies and am not an officer for the Nashoba chapter. Brendan has not only trained me for sports performance but has become a great friend and role model, helping me develop as an athlete and a person.”

“Brendan came into my son’s life when he was a sophomore at Nashoba HS. The difference we saw in his athletic abilities was astounding. But what was even more surprising was how he became so passionately involved with Best Buddies and Unified Soccer and Basketball through Brendan. It was one of the most exciting transitions, as his mom, to see happen with my son. I saw him becoming a mature and responsible young man right before my eyes. As his mom it has been wonderful to see him continue to be involved with Best Buddies and Unified sports. It is one of the most effect ways to teach a young man how to live a compassionate life and I can only hope it will carry through into his adulthood.”

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