High School Athlete Influence

Brendan came into Tyler’s life when he was a sophomore at Nashoba HS. Brendan was working regularly with the Nashoba Boy’s Baskeball team several times a week both during school and throughout the following summer. The difference we saw in his athletic abilities was astounding. But what was even more surprising was Tyler became so passionately involved with Best Buddies and Unified Soccer and Basketball through Brendan. It was one of the most exciting transitions, as his mom, to see happen with my son. Of course I had suggested Best Buddies several times but had little success. However, all that changed when Brendan became such a strong part of Tyler’s life. I saw him becoming a mature and responsible young man right before my eyes. Something not lost on his teachers at Nashoba either. As a matter of fact, it was brought up as a major topic of conversation during a PTC with one of his teacher’s at Nashoba. He had seen how much Tyler had changed and how he had become so involved with Best Buddies and Unified Sports through Brendan. His teacher commented on how he was seeing my son emerge into a “mature, responsible young man”.

As his mom it has been wonderful to see Tyler continue to be involved with Best Buddies and Unified sports. It is one of the most effect ways to teach a young man how to live a compassionate life and I can only hope it will carry through into his adulthood. After all who, but Brendan, could get a teenage boy on a Sunday morning to be up and out the door by 7am to coach the Special Olympics Soccer Team at a tournament over an hour away.

Kimberly Boudrot Seatter – Parent

Adult with Multiple Sclerosis

Please know that you are helping me do something I’ve only dreamt about for the last 8 years, going to the gym to keep me healthy both body and mind, never thinking this would ever be a part of my life again! I haven’t felt so good in such a long time and am grateful for your helping hand. Never mind how much I love and appreciate what you’ve done for Max.

Adaptive Athlete and Parent of Adaptive Athlete

Marathon Training

I don’t think my words can express what a phenomenal coach Brendan is!!!

He took the time to understand what my specific running goals were and developed a comprehensive marathon training plan that also included strength training.  As an experienced runner, I worried about any kind of weight training that would hamper my running performance but understood the necessity of doing both to stay injury free.  Brendan worked to increase my speed safely while teaching me how to run at a slower pace and explained the benefits of doing so. He measured my progress with data from every run to give specific advice. Brendan challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone, when the gains matched my goals.

Thanks to Brendan’s vast knowledge of running and strength training, I was able to set a new PR of 3:45:52, beating my previous PR by 16 minutes.  After running 8 marathons, I FINALLY QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!!!!!

                                                                                           Julie Gillis – Long Distance Adult Runner

Improved Athletic Performance

Before getting serious about working out for the purpose of sports performance, I went to the gym on my own. I felt like the strength I was gaining was not translating into athletic performance. I then started looking for trainers in March of 2016 so I could become stronger and fitter for the upcoming high school hockey season. I have been training during the off season with Brendan at Unified Health and Performance for almost five months now. During this time, I have seen large improvements in my own strength, flexibility and athletic performance. Every time I come to Unified Health and Performance, I know my form during lifts will be carefully monitored and my questions answered. Every workout is tailored to my strengths, but also works on improving any weaknesses to achieve the goal of a balanced athlete. I would highly recommend both Brendan Aylward as a trainer and Unified Health and Performance as a facility to anyone who wants to see physical results on or off the playing field. Lastly, compared to other trainers in the area, Unified’s rates are much more affordable for a superior service and a nicer facility.

Alex Kischitz – Nashoba Regional High School Hockey

Central MA Community Sports

His energy is amazing, he currently runs all the coaching and equipment for our Special Olympics Central Mass Community Sports, coaches his own traditional team, and has already taken a Unified soccer team to the Special Olympic state tournament. He is highly motivated to offer a quality sports experience for all of his athletes, wants them to succeed and has demonstrated the ability to help them accomplish this. Brendan is a remarkable young man, with a wonderful ability to work with and train children of all abilities. He stays focused on the challenge and achieves the goals he sets for himself and his team. He always has a smile, one that radiates to others.

Bob Moalli
Administration Coordinator of Central MA Community Sports

Lesley University

Brendan is deeply committed to finding ways that sports can help others overcome learning challenges. His keen interest in this area has led him to do significant investigation on neurology as it pertains to exercise and cognition. Many young professionals have hopes of making a difference; I am confident that Brendan will bring his hopes to fruition. I recommend Brendan to you with the greatest enthusiasm and hope you will support his laudable plans.

Linda Dacey
Professor Emeritus at Lesley University

Finding the words

Finding the words to appropriately endorse Brendan are challenging for me. Having a child with special needs and being a part of his circle has given me a unique perspective to his gifts and the way he has developed them and uses them. Our community has been so very blessed to have shared such a wonderful part of his life. We have seen and participated in Brendan’s development from first entering school to the extraordinary talented and gifted educator he has become. He has established himself in our community as a respected leader personally managing and taking accountability of the wellbeing of our children. He has immersed himself in the fabric of our children and family lives for years. His professional growth has also been an ongoing development as he skillfully works his way through the range of developmental issues he comes in contact with and the programs he becomes a part of.

Paul Giovinazzo

Hudson Public Schools

Our family has known Brendan for several years, working with him and our special needs son, Joe. He is a wonderful and supportive coach and teacher, attentive to details, thorough, and communicates well with parents. We hope to continue our relationship with Brendan for years to come. HIGHLY recommend him!

Sandra Cabral
ABA Therapist at Hudson Public Schools

Thank you!

Brendan, thank you for all of the strength and conditioning work you’ve done with Eli and his team. It wasn’t long after you started coaching him that he began to see improvement and results. Your guidance and check-ins have been priceless as he learns the correct way to “up his game”. Unified has gained a couple big fans.

Matt Zeh
Lancaster, MA