Endurance Project

guiding you to be stronger, run faster, go further

Fall 2019 Running Program

September 4th - November 16th

Morning runs will be available and coordinated through Facebook group/text

Andrew will be leading group runs and various race-specific workouts on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings

Brendan will be leading a mobility class Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:00pm to follow the group run

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Unified Endurance Project

Whether you have no experience running or are looking to PR your marathon, we will help educate, empower, and train you to get to the finish line. Our runners participate in our adult group classes, strength train in semi-private sessions, follow training plans from a distance, or run together as a group.

“I don’t think my words can express what a phenomenal coach Brendan is! He took the time to understand what my specific running goals were and developed a comprehensive marathon training plan that also included strength training.  As an experienced runner, I worried about any kind of weight training that would hamper my running performance but understood the necessity of doing both to stay injury free.  Brendan worked to increase my speed safely while teaching me how to run at a slower pace and explained the benefits of doing so. He measured my progress with data from every run to give specific advice. Brendan challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone, when the gains matched my goals. Thanks to Brendan’s vast knowledge of running and strength training, I was able to set a new PR of 3:45:52, beating my previous PR by 16 minutes.  After running 8 marathons, I finally qualified for Boston!”