Member Spotlight: Carolyn Ryan

Last week, Carolyn announced that she was going to be hiking the Appalachian Trail; a 2,200 mile trek from Georgia to Maine. Carolyn and I talked about what attracted her to this challenge, the preparation that is involved, and what she anticipates being the biggest challenge.

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Brendan Aylwardspotlight
Navigating a Crowded Gym

I spend hours every day trying to put together programs that would account for the traffic and scheduling athletes and classes accordingly, certain days are busier than others. I understand that it can be perceived as an inconvenience.

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Brendan Aylward
February in Review

February saw some winter sports seasons come to an end and others continue into the playoffs. Our high school athlete population continues to grow and we had the opportunity to start some new participants in our Cerebral Palsy research project.

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