Understanding Abbreviations and Jargon

If you’ve kept up with blog posts, a previous one https://unifiedhp.com/blog/2019/2/22/strength-on-the-road provided an overview as to how the group workouts are written. While the workouts are similar in structure, they are never comparable in execution. This is because there are so many variables to play around with to produce different results. An overhead pressing movement can be adapted to have a greater core demand, to lessen the burden on mobility requirements, etc; all by adjusting stance or the implement used in the exercise. I abbreviate these slight modifications on the board which makes the name of the movement not always recognizable. If you’ve been unable to put two and two together as to what some of them mean, continue reading. This list is a series of abbreviations, jargon, and technical terms that are frequently used.

SL – Single Leg

SA – Single Arm

DB – Dumbbell

KB - Kettlebell

MB – Medicine Ball

RTL - Rotational

Goblet – Dumbbell cradled at chest

KB Front Rack – KB held at chest similar to a Goblet position

Double KB Front Rack – Two KBs resting on wrists being held at chest

Contralateral – Load on the opposite side of limb being used

Ipsilateral - Load on the same side of limb being used

Prone – Face down

Supine – Face up

Supinated – Underhand/Palm facing upward

Pronated – Overhand/Palm facing down

RDL – Romanian Deadlift (Hip Hinge)

FFE – Front Foot Elevated

RFE – Rear Foot Elevated

Eccentric – Lowering portion

Paused – Hold at end range of a movement (the vast majority of the time)

Concentric – Rising portion

1.5 Rep - Full eccentric, partial concentric, return to end range, full concentric

HK - Half Kneeling: One knee down, one knee up

TK - Tall Kneeling: Both knees down

Split Stance - Feet staggered but parallel to one another

Quadruped – Hands (directly under shoulders) and Knees (directly under hips)

AMRAP – As many reps as possible

ALAP – As long as possible

High Plank - Push-up Position

Prone Plank - On Forearms

Pallof - Holding a band in a pressed position at chest and resisting rotation

Split Squat – “Lunge” in place

Lunge – Dynamic movement forward or backwards (Reverse Lunge)